5 Minutes With Collin: Chupacabra!

This is Collins segment from the first show we published. James pulled the audio so you can listen with children and not have to cover their ears. In this episode, Collin and James talk a bit about chupacabra, and have some fun. We will have more segments with Collin soon. Some of the topics he wants to cover soon are the podcast “Blurry Photos” hosted by David Flora and Dave Stecco, vampires, UFO’s, werewolves, vaccines, mummies, leprechauns, and ghosts. If you have a topic suggestion, or a question for Collin, you can either email it to reddirtskeptics@gmail.com or visit our Facebook page. Thanks for listening!

Intro and outro music is the song “Think for Yourself” by George Hrab from his album Coelacanth and used with permission from the artist. You can find the album at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/hrab3. Let him know we sent you. The image for this episode is one I took of an animal that was claimed to be a chupacabra.

You can now subscribe to the show here <a href=”https://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=RedDirtSkeptics&amp;loc=en_US”>Subscribe to Red Dirt Skeptics by Email</a>


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